Password: barcelona

Martes Suite

ATENTTION!!!! To prevent any domotic damage, do not touch all the buttons to fast, Gira system is a computer and software program to control all the Villa, so please, give it time to run the command before push any other command or you will damage the System.


We have an automatically program to put them down at night and up in the morning.
If you want to change or cancel this schedule, please let us know, we’ll pleasure do it for you by remote control

If you want to do it manually, find this symbol on the column buttons, (White columns and close to the Windows)

– “Persianas” means the main curtains
– “Cortinas” means the swimming pool curtains


In the Master suite entrance, you will find the commands, on the Wall, to turn the lights on and off. And to change their colours. Please, remember to give it time to run the command, DO NOT TOUCH other command immediately
You can find commands in the columns close to the sinks (DO NOT TOUCH THE WIFI or you will disconnected)


How to send music from your mobile to the amplifier in the Master suite Connect to the wifi: Ibizastylebarcelona (Pasword Barcelona)

  • 1º Open the spotify (you must have Premium Spotify)

  • 2º Pick the song or list you prefer and play it

  • 3º Then you will see this symbol in your screen

  • Touch it to find the amplifier named “Master Suite or Suite”

  • That’s it.

Cinema projector


  1. Touch the screen to turn it on and select the first option Ver Apple Tv” , PLEASE WAIT FEW SECONDS BEFORE TOUCHING ANYTHING ELSE, The digital cinema needs a while to work.
  2. Then ”Ver Apple Tv” and choose the apps you want: Netflix, HBO, ETC. Just use your username and pasword
  3. To turn it off, just press the red button on the remote control

For any questions or concerns about the house, please contact:

Edgar de la Cova: Just for emergencies Tlf: +34 687 207 113
Before Calling him, please contact the manager

Sonia Martinez (Concierge) From Monday to Friday/8h +34 649 781 473

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